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Title: Section 52-9.4 - Medical direction

Effective Date


52-9.4 Medical direction.

(a) Medical direction of a human milk bank shall be provided by a physician, who may also be the director of the bank, in consultation with the medical advisory committee. Such physician shall be licensed and currently registered with the New York State Education Department, and possess a minimum of four years' experience in neonatology, pediatrics, blood banking or a related field.

(b) The medical director and the medical advisory committee shall establish operating procedures and monitor the medical efficacy of milk banking services, and shall, consistent with this Part, develop:

(1) medical criteria for donor participation;

(2) quality standards for the milk, including methodologies and criteria for heat-processing; and

(3) policies for priority distribution of milk when demand exceeds the supply.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)