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Title: Section 52-9.6 - Collection and storage of human milk

Effective Date


52-9.6 Collection and storage of human milk.

(a) The human milk bank shall supply presterilized, leak-proof containers and container seals to the donor.

(b) Containers shall be accompanied by an affixed tag which shall show the donor's identification number, and the date and time the milk was collected. When frozen milk is held at a transfer station, this tag shall also identify the station, and the date and time of receipt and transport of the milk.

(c) Milk shall be transported and stored so that it is protected from contamination, thawing and refreezing. Milk in liquid form shall be maintained at a temperature between one and six degrees Celsius, but shall be stored in liquid form for no longer than 48 hours. If milk is frozen, it shall be maintained at minus 20 degrees Celsius or below for a maximum storage period of six months, unless the medical advisory committee specifically approves a longer storage period. Household freezers with automatic defrost cycles shall not be used for such storage. Frozen milk shall be utilized within 48 hours of thawing and discarded thereafter if not utilized.

(d) The physical facilities of the human milk bank shall minimize the potential for contamination, as follows:

(1) the human milk bank shall be located in a distinct, identifiable area with a separate refrigerator and/or freezer provided for human milk; and

(2) refrigerators and freezers shall be equipped with a thermometer calibrated at least annually against a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-certified thermometer, or with a thermometer that has been tested against, and found to be in agreement with, an NIST-certified thermometer. The thermometer shall be either visually or mechanically monitored daily for fluctuations in temperature affecting the quality of the milk. Temperature records shall be maintained and made available for inspection for at least one year after collection of the milk.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)