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Title: Section 53.3 - Pre-application procedure

Effective Date


53.3 Pre-application procedure.

(a) Prospective applicants seeking financial assistance from the Fund must first submit a pre-application to the Department in the format required by the Department. Information required for the pre-application includes:

(1) a written request from an individual with sufficient authority to act on behalf of the applicant that the project be listed in the Intended Use Plan;

(2) a description of the project, including a discussion of the existing deficiencies of the public water system and the corrective effect the proposed project will have on that system's drinking water quality;

(3) a project schedule and project cost estimate; and

(4) such other information and material as the pre-applicant deems necessary for the Department to determine a project's eligibility for assistance from the Fund.

(b) An applicant will receive written notification from the Department if it fails to submit sufficient information for the Department to process the pre-application. The Department will identify any such deficiency and the applicant may submit supplemental material to complete the pre-application.

(c) A project may not be eligible for Fund assistance in a given annual funding cycle if the applicant has failed to complete its pre-application within the time prescribed by the Department.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)