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Title: Section 537.1 - Definitions.

Section 537.1 Definitions. (Additional statutory authority: Social Services law, Sections 364, 365-a) When used in this Part, unless otherwise expressly stated or unless the context or subject matter requires a different interpretation, the terms hereinafter set forth shall be interpreted in accordance with the definitions herein provided.

(a) Reimbursement shall mean State reimbursement.

(b) Maximum reimbursable allowance shall mean that portion of the expenditure for any optometric service which shall be subject to reimbursement.

(c) Optometric examination shall include diagnosis for optical deficiency or deformity and the visual or muscular anomaly of the human eye, by an optometrist.

(d) By report shall mean the maximum reimbursable allowance determined on an individual basis, in consideration of the nature, extent and need for the service, the time, skill and equipment necessary therefor, and such other factor as may be pertinent.



VOLUME C (Title 18)