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Title: Section 57.1 - Definitions

Section 57.1 Definitions.

(a) Three-year vaccine is a rabies vaccine for dogs which the Federal government has accepted as providing three-year duration of immunity.

(b) Active Immunization, to permit a dog to be at large,* shall mean the injection of a three-year vaccine which meets the standards prescribed by the United States Department of Agriculture for interstate sale* * and has been administered by a duly licensed veterinarian not later than the expiration date on the package. Vaccines shall be administered following the directions of the manufacturer as approved by the Federal government.


* FOOTNOTE: In accordance with section 2140, article 21 of the Public Health Law "at large" means "elsewhere than on the premises of the owner, except it be on the premises of another person with the knowledge and assent of such other person". An opinion from the Attorney General states a dog on leash is not "at large" within the meaning of this statute (1943, Op. Att. Gen. 290). * * FOOTNOTE: Such products have the legend, "U.S. Veterinary License No. – – " printed on all containers.


(c) Certified area means an area certified by the State Commissioner of Health in accordance with section 2140 of article 21 of the Public Health Law as one in which, or in the vicinity of which, rabies exists.

(d) Designated area means an area which the State Commissioner of Health has designated as one in which dogs which have been actively immunized against rabies in accordance with the provisions in the rules may be permitted to be at large.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)