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Title: Section 58-2.20 - Ambulance Transfusion Services

Effective Date


58-2.20 Ambulance Transfusion Services

(a) No person shall own or operate an ambulance transfusion service in New York State unless approved by the department. An inspection may be conducted prior to departmental approval. Ambulance transfusion services shall comply with the provisions in this Part governing transfusions in general.

(b) Ambulance transfusion services shall have a written agreement with all hospitals issuing blood components to the ambulance transfusion service for possible administration during transport to another hospital, except in cases when no ground or air, as needed, ambulance transfusion service with an agreement in place is available. The agreement shall be subject to the prior approval of the department. The agreement shall:

(1) specify the division of responsibilities for ensuring compliance with the provisions of this Subpart;

(2) include a statement that ambulance transfusion service personnel will have adequately completed training in administering blood components according to a curriculum approved by the department; and

(3) include the written approval of the issuing facility's director of transfusion services and the director of the ambulance transfusion service.

(c) A qualified licensed physician shall provide general supervision of ambulance transfusion service personnel continuing and/or initiating transfusions and shall be responsible for ensuring that such personnel have adequate training and experience.

(d) Any order for a transfusion to be continued and/or initiated in an ambulance shall be documented on an order form approved by the department, and shall specify:

(1) the blood component(s) to be transfused;

(2) the number of units to be transfused;

(3) the rate of infusion;

(4) any special instructions; and

(5) any actions, including transfusion of additional units, to be taken based on circumstances that may arise.

(e) Every transfusion administered in an ambulance must be documented on a transfusion record approved by the department. Such documentation must include:

(1) date of the transfusion;

(2) name of the person who performed the transfusion and who attended the recipient during the transfusion.

(3) for each unit:

(i) blood component transfused;

(ii) unit identification code;

(iii) unit ABO and Rh groups; and

(iv) start time and completion time.

(f) Any adverse reaction shall be documented on a prehospital care report. Such documentation shall include a description of the adverse reaction and actions taken in response.

(g) Any ambulance in which a transfusion is performed by an ambulance transfusion service shall maintain an inventory of isotonic saline and any supplies needed for blood administration and for monitoring transfusion recipients, and have a means to communicate with medical control. All medications, equipment and supplies necessary for the management of adverse reactions shall be immediately available. Medical waste disposal must be undertaken, in collaboration with the receiving hospital, using containers and procedures found acceptable to the department pursuant to Part 70 of this Title.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)