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Title: Section 59.10 - Certification criteria for ignition interlock devices

Effective Date


59.10 Certification criteria for ignition interlock devices.

(a) A manufacturer of ignition interlock devices shall apply to the department to certify a device for use in New York State. The application shall be on a form or format specified by the department with documents appended as necessary to provide the requisite information, and shall include, but not be limited to:

(1) name and address of the manufacturer, and contact information, including identification of a person to respond to department inquiries;

(2) name and model of the ignition interlock device;

(3) a detailed description of the ignition interlock device, including: instructions for its installation and operation; technical specifications, including, but not limited to, accuracy; calibration stability; data security; and capability for data collection and recording, tamper detection, and retesting; and unsupervised operation in a range of environmental conditions;

(4) the manufacturer's statement that all ignition interlock devices of the same make and model sold or offered for sale or lease, for which certification is sought, meet the requirements of this Part; and

(5) a certificate or other document from an insurance carrier licensed in New York State demonstrating that the manufacturer holds product liability insurance with minimum liability limits of one million dollars per occurrence and three million dollars aggregate. The documentation shall include the issuing company's statement that at least thirty (30) days notice will be provided to the department whenever the issuing company intends to cancel the insurance before the policy's expiration date. Liability coverage shall include defects in product design and materials, as well as in manufacture, calibration, installation and removal of devices.

(b) The manufacturer shall provide the testing laboratory with:

(1) six representative instruments of each ignition interlock device model for which certification is sought, from which the testing laboratory shall select at least two for testing;

(2) instructions for device installation and operation; and

(3) a description of the device's capabilities, including, but not limited to: security; data collection and recording; tamper detection; circumvention prevention; retesting; and unsupervised operation in a range of environmental conditions.

(c) At the request of a manufacturer of ignition interlock devices, the commissioner shall certify the ignition interlock device for use in New York State, provided the manufacturer:

(1) demonstrates, through arrangements with a testing laboratory, that the model meets or exceeds the model specifications for breath alcohol ignition interlock devices adopted by NHTSA and published in the Federal Register on April 7, 1992 (57 Fed. Reg. 11772 - 11787, available for public inspection and copying at the Department of Health Records Access Office, Corning Tower, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12237);

(2) demonstrates, through arrangements with a testing laboratory, that the device meets the model specifications specified in paragraph (1) of this subdivision when calibrated to a set point of 0.025% BAC;

(3) has requested certification for a device that employs fuel cell technology or another technology with demonstrated comparable accuracy and specificity;

(4) has demonstrated that the certified device can and would be installed to allow normal operation of the vehicle after it is started, except as specifically approved by the department; and

(5) has demonstrated compliance with all the requirements of this Part.

(d) Certification shall be effective as of the date of its issuance.

(e) Certified ignition interlock devices installed in vehicles shall be uniquely serial-numbered.

(f) Each certification shall cover only one model of ignition interlock device. Modifications to a model of a device, without regard to the manufacturer's assigning a new model number, shall be reported to the department as required in section 59.12 of this Part.

(g) The department may deny, suspend or revoke the certification of an ignition interlock device for reasons including:

(1) the device does not meet the requirements for certification specified in this Part, including but not limited to, the commissioner's determination that the testing laboratory misrepresented a device's meeting such requirements;

(2) the manufacturer has failed to comply with any requirement of this Part or of Part 358 of Title 9 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York;

(3) substantial evidence exists that devices manufactured, sold, leased, offered for sale or leased, or installed in vehicles do not function in accordance with the specifications in this Part or are easily circumvented or tampered with;

(4) substantial evidence exists that the manufacturer has not made adequate provision for effective and timely maintenance, inspection, calibration and repair of installed devices;

(5) the manufacturer is no longer in the business of manufacturing devices;

(6) the manufacturer fails to retain the required product liability insurance, including through cancellation or non-renewal;

(7) the manufacturer has been convicted of a crime or offense related to fraud; or

(8) the ignition interlock device does not meet federal model specifications for breath alcohol ignition interlock devices adopted by NHTSA after the specifications referred to in paragraph (1) of subdivision (c) of this section are adopted.

(h) Notice of an ignition interlock device’s certification, discontinuation, suspension and revocation shall be published in the State Register, and shall be provided promptly to the Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives. The commissioner shall make available a list of certified ignition interlock devices upon request.


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