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Title: Section 59.12 - Continued ignition interlock device certification

Effective Date


59.12 Continued ignition interlock device certification.

(a) An ignition interlock device certification shall remain in effect until:

(1) the manufacturer files a written request for discontinuance;

(2) the department issues to the manufacturer a written notice of suspension or revocation of approval; or

(3) the manufacturer modifies the device so that it does not meet the federal model specifications for breath alcohol ignition interlock devices in effect when it was certified.

(b) No manufacturer who makes an operational modification to a model of an ignition interlock device that has been certified pursuant to this Part shall release the modified device for use pursuant to Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1198 without having obtained the express approval of the department. Manufacturers shall submit to the department a description of the intended operational modification(s),

and the commissioner shall determine either that the existing certification shall continue in effect for the ignition interlock device as modified or that the manufacturer must apply for separate certification for the modified device. For purposes of this section, "operational modification" means any change to product design or function that would or could affect the device's anti-circumvention, anti-tampering or analytical features, as determined by the department.

(c) A manufacturer shall ensure that the department is provided with documentation of current insurance by notifying the department in writing of each renewal of coverage, each change of issuing company, and each change in liability limits.

(d) The department may require manufacturers whose devices are certified pursuant to this Part to periodically renew the certifications. Information required for renewal of certification shall minimally include:

(1) verification that information on file with the department, including, but not limited to, manufacturer's address and contact person, is current;

(2) an attestation that the department has been notified of any operational modification made to the certified model, or that no modification was made; and

(3) documentation of current insurance coverage.

(e) Each device shall be provided with a supply of disposable spit-trap mouthpieces, and the manufacturer shall ensure availability of additional mouthpieces.

(f) A manufacturer shall provide to installation/service providers that install its certified device(s) a sufficient number of labels to label each device installed and replace labels as needed. The label shall contain a notice printed in at least 10-point boldface type, reading as follows: "WARNING – ANY PERSON TAMPERING, CIRCUMVENTING OR OTHERWISE MISUSING THE DEVICE IS GUILTY OF A MISDEMEANOR AND MAY BE SUBJECT TO CIVIL LIABILITY."


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)