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Title: Section 59.9 - Technical supervisor; qualifications and certification

Effective Date


59.9 Technical supervisor; qualifications and certification.

(a) The commissioner may authorize certification of an applicant as technical supervisor for a period of four years, provided such applicant submits satisfactory evidence through the training agency that he/she meets the following qualifications:

(1) thirty semester hours of college credits, including eight semester hours of chemistry;

(2) certification as an operator of the breath analysis instrument(s) to be supervised, or possession of equivalent experience or training to qualify as an operator; and

(3) satisfactory completion of a technical supervisor's course, the content of which shall include:

(i) advanced survey of current information concerning alcohol and its effect on the human body (one hour);

(ii) operational principles and theories applicable to the program (two hours);

(iii) breath analysis instrument maintenance and calibration (two hours);

(iv) legal aspects of chemical testing (one hour); and

(v) principles of instruction (two hours); or

(4) training and experience equivalent to a technical supervisor's course and acceptable to the commissioner.

(b) A technical supervisor's certificate may be terminated by the commissioner based on documented evidence that the technical supervisor's performance is not in keeping with the best interests of the breath alcohol testing program.

(c) A technical supervisor shall have responsibility for:

(1) breath analysis instrument operator training, competency evaluation, and periodic examination to ensure maintenance of technical knowledge and proficiency;

(2) maintenance, including calibration of breath analysis instruments and equipment under his/her supervision and preparation and standardization of chemicals used for testing and/or evaluation of such chemicals, by direct performance of such tasks or by delegating performance to another person with demonstrated competency, but who need not be qualified as a technical supervisor; provided, however, whenever such tasks are so delegated, the technical supervisor shall review the work product to ensure that the assigned designee's performance meets expectations; and

(3) periodic inspection of breath analysis instrument performance.

(d) A technical supervisor's certificate may be renewed for a period of four years upon submission of a written application and statement that he/she has carried out his/her duties in accordance with this Part. Suspension or revocation pursuant to section 59.8 of this Part of a breath analysis instrument operator's permit held by a technical supervisor shall result in suspension or revocation, respectively, of the individual's certification as a technical supervisor.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)