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Title: Section 6-1.10 - Pool operation

Effective Date



6-1.10 Pool operation. (a) Every swimming pool shall be maintained and operated in a clean, safe and sanitary manner at all times. Swimming pool recirculation and disinfection equipment shall be operated continuously.

(b) Swimming pool equipment and appurtenances shall be operated and maintained in accordance with approved plans and specifications.

(c) Cracks in the pool walls, floors, perimeter overflow systems, and decks shall be repaired when determined to be potential leakage or tripping hazards.

(d) A four-inch stripe of contrasting color shall be provided and maintained at the slope breakpoint or five-foot depth point on the pool bottom, and at submerged step edges and ledges. Plainly visible depth markings shall also be provided and maintained in accordance with the provisions of section 6-1.29, item 6.1.1, of this Subpart. A floating line shall be provided at the slope breakpoint or five-foot depth point.

(e) Main drain grates shall be secured in place at all times. Broken or missing main drain grates shall be repaired or replaced before the pool is used.

(f) Inlets shall be adjusted to produce uniform circulation of water and to facilitate the maintenance of a uniform disinfectant residual throughout the swimming pool.

(g) The overflow system shall be maintained to continuously remove floating matter and surface water.

(h) Skimmer weirs and throttle valves shall be maintained in working order and the skimmer covers shall be secure. Skimmer baskets shall be cleaned at least daily.

(i) The water level in the swimming pool shall be maintained to provide: (1) adequate skimming of the entire pool surface; and (2) required depths in areas for diving as set forth in this section.

(j) The deck shall be unobstructed for at least a five-foot width around the entire pool. The deck shall be kept clean and free of puddled water. Glass containers are prohibited from the swimming pool and all deck areas.

(k) The pool walls and bottom shall be vacuumed or brushed daily or as needed to remove visible settleable material. Ladders, handrails, diving equipment, lifeguard chairs, slides and other deck equipment shall be kept firmly secured to the deck, and maintained in good repair. A minimum of one ladder or set of steps shall be provided in any pool over two feet deep.

(l) Diving depth requirements:

(1) Swimming pools equipped with diving boards prior to the effective date (March 30, 1988) of this Subpart shall meet the minimum water depth and swimming pool and diving board dimensions listed in Columns (1) to (4) in the following table:


Board Height above water


Minimum Board Overhang Over Water


Minimum Water Depth In diving Area


Minimum Diving Area Forward of board tip:


Maximum Slope to 5' Water depth

      Width                                     Length  
Up to 24" 2'6"  8' 4'                                              13'6" 1:3
*24" - 26" 2'6" 8 1/2' 8'                                               10' 1:3
*26" - 30" 3' 9'  16'                                             10' 1:3
*30" - 1 meter 4' 11' 16'                                             20' 1:2
  or 4' 11' 16'                                             16' 1:3
 *1 meter - 3 meter 6' 12' 20'                                              20' 1:2


* = Greater Than.

(2) Diving boards shall be prohibited in all pools in existence prior to the effective date of this Subpart that do not meet the criteria in paragraph (1) of this subdivision except one meter boards used only for competitive use and training and/or used in physical education instruction at schools. Such one meter diving boards must meet criteria in Columns 2, 3 and 4 for 26"-30" boards listed in paragraph (1) of this subdivision.

(3) Swimming pools equipped with diving boards after the effective date of this Subpart must meet the criteria reflected in Table 1 of section 6-1.29 of this Subpart.

(4) Head first diving from the pool deck is prohibited in water depths less than eight feet except during competitive swimming or swimmer training activities.


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