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Title: Section 6-1.17 - Lighting and electrical requirements

Effective Date


6-1.17 Lighting and electrical requirements. (a) Lighting or other electrical circuits provided in the pool area must be protected by ground-fault circuit interrupters in accordance with the Uniform Code. These devices may be required at an existing pool constructed prior to March 31, 1973, when the permit-issuing official determines it is necessary to protect the safety of bathers.

(b) Defects in the electrical system, including underwater lights, overhead lights and their respective lenses, shall be immediately repaired.

(c) Portable electrical devices, such as announcing systems and radios within the reach of bathers, shall be prohibited.

(d) Windows and lighting equipment shall be adjusted to prevent glare and excessive reflection on the pool surface. Illumination levels must be maintained in accordance with provisions in section 6-1.29, item 7.0, of this Subpart.

(e) Underwater lights shall allow an observer on the pool deck to clearly see all portions of the pool, including the bottom.

(f) When underwater lighting is not provided and night swimming is permitted, surface lighting shall be adequate to allow an observer on the pool deck to clearly see the pool bottom.

(g) Operators of existing pools shall possess a certificate of electrical compliance with the Uniform Code issued by the New York Board of Fire Underwriters or equivalent certifying agency.

(h) Adequate emergency lighting shall be provided at swimming pools where night swimming is allowed and indoor pools where no natural light is present. For outdoor pools, a portable battery powered artificial light source is acceptable and shall be adequate and maintained to facilitate swimming pool evacuation.

(i) No overhead electrical wiring shall pass within 20 feet horizontally of the swimming pool.


VOLUME A (Title 10)