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Title: Section 6-2.10 - Approved bathing waters

6-2.10 Approved bathing waters. (a) Natural or artificially formed bathing areas must meet the following conditions:

(1) A sanitary survey verifies that the watershed for the beach water is free of sewage and untreated sewage discharges, or that known waste-water discharges or other contamination is determined to not adversely impact water quality or beach use based upon an historical water quality model for rainfall and bacteriological quality.

(2) A bathing beach located on the watershed of a lake, reservoir, stream or other body of water used as a source of public water supply shall be so operated as not to pollute or contaminate such supply and shall comply with all watershed rules or local regulations in effect.

(3) Water quality standards specified in section 6-2.15 of this Subpart.

(4) The swimming and bathing areas are provided with float lines to clearly designate the perimeter, the separation of shallow and deep areas, the wading area, the diving area and dropoffs, radical changes in slope or underwater obstructions. This requirement is not applicable at beaches located on the shore of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Long Island Sound or the Atlantic Ocean, unless required by the permit-issuing official.

(b) Use of impoundments less than four acres in area for bathing purposes shall be prohibited unless: (1) the operator can document compliance with subdivision (a) of this section; or (2) a minimum of 100 gallons per person per day of dilution water meeting the standards contained in section 6-2.15 of this Subpart is added to or flows through the swimming and bathing area.


VOLUME A (Title 10)