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Title: Section 6-2.16 - Control of beach and water use

Effective Date


6-2.16 Control of beach and water use. (a) All areas of an operator's property that are adjacent to the designated public beach area and are accessible to the public for entry into the water for bathing shall be supervised or patrolled during hours of operation. Bathing shall be prohibited where required supervision is not provided.

(b) Operators must maintain signs stating the hours during which public bathing is allowed, and that bathing at other times is prohibited.

(c) No motorized vehicles except emergency and maintenance vehicles shall be permitted on the beach.

(d) No boating, water skiing, fishing, or surfboarding shall be permitted in the bathing area during the hours bathing is allowed. Separate areas for the above activities may be designated by floating lines and buoys.

(e) Bathing at night or during electrical thunderstorms is prohibited.

(f) Clearly visible depth markings shall be provided at all diving boards, platforms, piers, floats and similar facilities. Warning signs stating "No Diving" shall be provided where water depths are less than eight feet.

(g) Diving shall not be permitted unless minimum depths in accordance with provisions in section 6-2.19, item 4.8.2, of this Subpart are provided.

(h) All plug-in electrical devices, such as portable announcing systems and radios, are prohibited within 20 feet of the water.

(i) Bather use. (1) The maximum number of bathers permitted in the bathing waters of a bathing beach shall not exceed one bather per 25 square feet of water surface. In areas of water depth greater than four feet, at least 75 square feet per bather shall be provided.

(2) The operator shall be responsible for restricting usage so that the maximum capacity is not exceeded.

(3) A sign stating the maximum number of persons who may use the bathing beach at any one time shall be posted in a conspicuous place.

(j) Glass containers shall not be permitted on the beach.


VOLUME A (Title 10)