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Title: Section 6-2.8 - Approval of plans


6-2.8 Approval of plans.

(a) No municipality, person, group of persons, firm, corporation, association, organization or institution shall establish or construct or physically modify a bathing beach until plans and specifications are submitted to, and receive the approval of, the permit-issuing official. All plans shall be prepared by a person licensed by the State of New York to practice engineering or architecture.

(b) Bathing beach design standards, as contained in section 6-2.19 of this Subpart, shall be the basis upon which all plans for bathing beaches are reviewed and approved.

(c) Plans for any potable water treatment or sewage treatment facilities to be constructed at a bathing beach shall be approved prior to construction by the permit-issuing official or such agency having jurisdiction for such plan approval.


VOLUME A (Title 10)