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Title: Section 6-3.22 - Supervision

Effective Date


Section 6-3.22 Supervision.

(a) Personnel.

(1) At least one supervisory staff person shall provide periodic supervision of the spray ground as specified in the safety plan.

(b) Safety equipment.

(1) Required first aid equipment must be provided at the spray ground unless otherwise specified in the safety plan. A first aid kit, which may be any commercially prepared 24 unit kit or a supply of band aids, bandages, compresses and self adhering gauze bandages.

(c) Safety plan. Operators of spray grounds must develop, update and implement a written safety plan, consisting of procedures for daily patron supervision, injury prevention, reacting to emergencies, injuries and other incidents, providing first aid and summoning help. The safety plan shall be approved by the permit-issuing official and kept on file at the spray ground. Approval will be granted when all the components of this section are addressed so as to protect the health and safety of the patrons and the plan sets forth procedures to insure compliance with this Subpart.


VOLUME A (Title 10)