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Title: Section 60-3.1 - Equipment and related supplies.

Effective Date


Section 60-3.1 Equipment and related supplies.

(a) Equipment and related supplies which may be medically necessary for the treatment of diabetes shall include but not be limited to the following:

(1) Lancets and automatic lancing devices

(2) Glucose test strips

(3) Blood glucose monitors

(4) Blood glucose monitors for the visually impaired

(5) Control solutions used in blood glucose monitors

(6) Diabetes data management systems for management of blood glucose

(7) Urine testing products for glucose and ketones

(8) Oral anti-diabetic agents used to reduce blood sugar levels

(9) Alcohol swabs

(10) Syringes

(11) Injection aids including insulin drawing up devices for the visually impaired

(12) Cartridges for the visually impaired

(13) Disposal insulin cartridges and pen cartridges

(14) All insulin preparations

(15) Insulin pumps and equipment for the use of the pump including batteries

(16) Insulin infusion devices

(17) Oral agents for treating hypoglycemia such as glucose tablets and gels

(18) Glucagon for injection to increase blood glucose concentration

(b) Nothing in this Subpart shall affect the rights or responsibilities of a physician or other licensed health care provider legally authorized to prescribe under Title Eight of the Education Law, to prescribe or recommend an appropriate course of treatment for any patient diagnosed with diabetes.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)