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Title: Section 600.5 - Controls.

600.5 Controls. (a) Monetary controls. A social services district must maintain adequate monetary controls.

(1) Monetary controls include a predetermined check processing procedure or an electronic verification and issuance procedure to assure that a properly completed authorization, in a State-prescribed format, is on file at the district which establishes eligibility for an amount of assistance to be granted before there is an expenditure of public funds and establishes that the amount of assistance granted is in accordance with the amount authorized.

(2) Documentation of monetary controls to be used by a social services district will be maintained by the district in an appropriate record.

(b) Claims control. A social services district must implement procedures which will assure that monthly or other appropriate charges, credits and related revenues are properly reflected in claims for reimbursement and on supporting documents and summaries. Such documents and summaries must be retained in each district.

(1) Claims controls must be established for all programs operated and expenditures supervised by a social services district, subject to the direction of the department.

(2) Reconciliations to appropriation and revenue accounts will be made for each claim for reimbursement.

(3) Documentation of reconciliations for audit purposes will be maintained by each social services district.



VOLUME C (Title 18)