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Title: Section 601.5 - Claim audits.

601.5 Claim audits. At least one copy or comparable record of each of the documents necessary to comply with the claiming requirements of this Part, including the submitted claim, and one copy or comparable record of the payroll, must be retained by the local district to facilitate audits conducted by the department or its designees. The district must furnish copies of such records to the department, other State agencies, a local fiscal officer or other governmental entity when so directed by the department.

(a) Except as otherwise directed by the department or required by law, records must be kept in a manner available for review and audit for a period of at least six years.

(b) The district must cooperate in any audit or review conducted by or with the approval of the department.

(c) The department must be notified in writing within five working days after receipt of any request or notice that the district participate in any audit not specifically requested or approved by the department.

(d) Any adjustment required by or resulting from any audit or review must be reflected in adjustments to claims as directed by the department.

(e) Audit determinations by the department are final and not subject to administrative review, except as otherwise provided by paragraph (e) of subdivision (2) of section 22 of the Social Services Law, when reflected in adjustments to claims of a social services district by direction of the department or when the district is otherwise notified that the determination is final.

(f) Adjustments resulting from an audit or review conducted by an entity other than the department are subject to review and audit by the department.

(g) Except as otherwise required by law, the department may prescribe or direct any or all procedures or requirements that the district must follow with respect to any audits, reviews or fiscal investigations.



VOLUME C (Title 18)