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Title: Section 602.3 - Cost allocation process.

602.3 Cost allocation process. Except as otherwise permitted by the department, social services districts must use the cost allocation process prescribed by the department and must use formats and procedures approved by the department to calculate and record cost distributions derived through cost allocation. Social services districts must also, in accordance with department instructions:

(a) codify payroll and nonsalary expenditures by function classifications using local district payroll lists, ledgers or other records;

(b) enter and summarize salary and nonsalary costs and staff counts by function on schedules approved by the department;

(c) disperse expenditures to direct function classifications to obtain total direct costs by function on schedules approved by the department;

(d) allocate function costs to classifications using workload measures or distribution methods or formulas approved by the department;

(e) compute Federal, State, local or other reimbursement percentages on schedules approved by the department and summarize claims using formats accepted by the department; and

(f) perform any other requirements in relation to the cost allocation and claiming process.



VOLUME C (Title 18)