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Title: Section 61-1.34 - Personnel; training and qualifications

61-1.34 Personnel; training and qualifications. The PI shall be responsible for providing instruction and training in microbiological procedures and techniques to ensure safe work conditions and awareness of procedures for dealing with accidents. Outlines for imparting knowledge appropriate for recombinant DNA activity shall be provided by the IBC consistent with recommendations made by NIH. Unless inconsistent with such recommendations, all laboratory workers and other personnel with duties in recombinant DNA activity facilities shall receive training to include, as appropriate, the following:

(a) governmental and institutional requirements respecting biohazardous research;

(b) an explanation of the recombinant DNA activity engaged in, including organisms and degree of hazard;

(c) general safety measures, including required containment levels, use and disposal of protective clothing, handling techniques, disposal of wastes and decontamination of wastes, clothing and work surfaces;

(d) spill contamination notification procedures;

(e) identification of chemicals employed in the recombinant DNA activity and in decontamination, including possible hazards; and

(f) a description of health monitoring procedures, including frequency of physicals, nature of tests and symptoms, and filing and confidentiality of health records.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)