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Title: Section 610.1 - Application of nonprofit corporation

Section 610.1 Application for nonprofit corporation. A nonprofit corporation seeking Public Health Council approval shall comply with the provisions of Part 600 of this Title and in addition shall file the following:

(a) a photocopy of the executed proposed corporate certificate;

(b) a request for the council's approval of such certificate, which request shall be properly executed by one or more authorized persons and shall contain the prescribed information;

(c) approval of another State department or agency where required by law, provided:

(1) such approval or consent shall be obtained and attached to application; or

(2) in the absence thereof, the processing of such an application shall not be delayed provided that evidence is submitted that a concurrent application has been made in good faith to obtain the approval or consent of such State department or agency as required by law. Such approval shall be obtained prior to action on the application by the council;

(d) a certified copy of the resolution of the board of directors authorizing the under taking which is the subject of the application and the subscribing and submission thereof by an appropriate designated individual;

(e) such additional pertinent information or documents necessary for the council's consideration.


VOLUME D (Title 10)