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Title: Section 630.1 - Local governmental applicants

Section 630.1 Application for approval for the establishment of hospitals, public home infirmaries or other facilities for inpatient care of the sick by a county, city, town, village or other governmental subdivision. (a) An application to the Public Health Council for approval for the establishment of a public general hospital, public home infirmary or other facility for inpatient care shall comply with the provisions of Part 600 of this Title. Such application shall include:

(1) A request for the council's approval for the establishment of the pro posed facility or for the establishment of an agency concerned with the establishment of any such facility which request shall be made on the forms supplied therefor, be properly executed by one or more authorized persons and contain the prescribed information.

(2) All other data and documents required or submitted as part of the application.

(b) The application shall provide the information and data necessary for the council to refer the application to and obtain the recommendations and advice from the sources required by law, and to enable the council properly to consider and act on the application. It shall also indicate the name of the county, city. town, village or other governmental subdivision; purpose for which the request is made (creation of an agency "concerned with the establishment of", the proposed facility and/or establishment of a facility); type of facility proposed to be established (public general hospital, public hospital for the chronically ill, public home infirmary or other); name and location of proposed facility and the territory to be served; and bed capacity, appropriately classified (single, semiprivate, ward, free).

(c) The application shall provide the information and data with reference to:

(1) public need for the existence of the proposed facility at the time and place and under the circumstances proposed.

(2) financial resources and sources of future revenue of the facility that is proposed to be established and of the applicant.


VOLUME D (Title 10)