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Title: Section 635.3 - Hospital care.

635.3 Hospital care. Cost of care in a hospital provided to MA recipients without Federal participation shall include inpatient care and physicians' services and other services rendered a patient while in the hospital to the extent expenditures, if any, are made for such services. Expenditures for hospital care are eligible for reimbursement for:

(a) child care (foster care) recipients, in accordance with the regulations relating to claiming for reimbursement for foster care;

(b) persons who were in receipt of home relief prior to their admission to the hospital; and

(c) persons who were in receipt of care in a public home or in a private adult institution prior to their admission to the hospital and persons who, at the time of admission to the hospital, were not in receipt of any form of assistance or care and who have been determined to have been unable to meet a portion or all of the costs of their hospital care, although otherwise able to maintain themselves.



VOLUME C (Title 18)