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Title: Section 655.1 - Local districts responsibilities.

Section 655.1 Local districts responsibilities. Local social services districts, in accordance with section 21 of the Social Services Law, and pursuant to the implementation schedule established by the department, shall:

(a) collect all demographic and eligibility data, as specified by the department on the appropriate State-prescribed forms and transmit such information as is required to the department via the Welfare Management System;

(b) be responsible for the accuracy and currentness of all data specified in subdivision (a) of this section;

(c) utilize the functions and outputs of the system established by the department in registering and evaluating all applications and in determining eligibility for home relief, aid to dependent children, veterans assistance, medical assistance, food stamps, social services, and emergency assistance to adults; and

(d) review, approve and implement authorizations generated by the system as a result of subdivisions (a)-(c) of this section.



VOLUME C (Title 18)