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Title: Section 66-1.9 - Obligation of local health authority

Effective Date


66-1.9 Obligation of local health authority. Upon being notified by a principal or person in charge of a school of the exclusion from school of one or more children for lack of acceptable evidence of immunization, it shall be the responsibility of the local health authority to either:

(a) cooperate with the school authorities to provide a time and place, within two weeks of the exclusion, at which the appropriate immunization or immunizations may be administered, by a health practitioner as defined in section 66-1.1(e); or

(b) notify the commissioner that the required immunizations will not be administered either by local health authority or school, and that the cost of doing so by the agents of the commissioner may be recovered from the amount of State aid to which the local health authority would otherwise be entitled.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)