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Title: Section 67-1.6 - Role of local health units.

Effective Date


67-1.6 Role of local health units.

(a) Local health units shall provide public and professional education and community outreach on lead poisoning prevention.

(b) Local health units shall provide blood lead screening or arrange for blood lead screening for each child who requires screening as provided in section 67-1.4 of this Subpart and whose parent or guardian is unable to obtain a lead test for their child because the child is uninsured or the child's insurance does not cover lead screening.

(c) Local health units shall establish a sliding fee schedule for blood lead screening of children from families with incomes in excess of 200% of the federal poverty level, pursuant to Section 606 of the Public Health Law, and shall collect fees for blood lead testing from third party payors, when available.

(d) Local health units shall provide environmental management as required under this Part.

(e) Local health units shall provide data to identify exposure patterns and high risk populations for strategic planning for lead poisoning prevention at the State and local level.

(f) Local health units shall institute measures to identify and track children with elevated blood lead levels to assure appropriate follow-up.

(g) Local health units who serve as a child's primary health care provider shall carry out activities in accordance with paragraphs (1) through (9) of section 67-1.2(a).


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)