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Title: Section 680.3 - Requirements for approval

Effective Date


680.3 Requirements for approval. (a) The application must be in proper form and complete.

(b) The applicant must satisfactorily demonstrate to the council:

(1) that the incorporators, members of the board of directors and officers are of such character, experience, competence and standing in the community as to give reasonable assurance of their ability to conduct the affairs of the corporation in its best interests and in the public interest; and

(2) that, with respect to each incorporator, director and officer of the proposed central services facility rural health network corporation who is already or within the past 10 years has been an incorporator, director, sponsor, principal stockholder or operator of any facility or plan licensed or certified pursuant to Articles 28, 36, 40 or 44 of the Public Health Law, a substantially consistent high level of care has been rendered in each such facility or plan with which the applicant is or has been affiliated during the past 10 years in accordance with paragraph (4) of subdivision (b) and subdivision (c) of section 600.2 of this Title.


VOLUME D (Title 10)