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Title: Section 68.2 - Selection of regional poison control centers

68.2 Selection of regional poison control centers.

(a) The commissioner shall review poison control activities at general hospitals in New York State and shall designate no more than one such facility in each health systems agency (HSA) region as a regional poison control center, based upon the following criteria:

(1) record of compliance with the rules and regulations of this Title and expected compliance with the poison control provisions of this Part;

(2) location within the geographical distribution of persons to be served;

(3) the need for expanded poison control services in the area to be served;

(4) the extent to which current activities performed by the facility relate to the provision of poison control services; and

(5) the capacity of the provider to deliver and coordinate poison prevention information and poison treatment services in the region.

(b) Hospitals wishing to be considered for such designation shall file a request to the commissioner in a format prescribed by the department.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)