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Title: Section 68.5 - Reimbursement

68.5 Reimbursement.

(a) A hospital which has been designated as a regional poison control center shall submit an annual budget indicating the costs of operating such center and shall identify those costs associated with the provision of this service which are presently reflected in the hospital base year cost report. The hospital shall keep separate cost and statistical data related to the center for annual reporting under general hospital accounting and reporting provisions of this Title. Costs determined by the commissioner to be necessary and reasonable in order to comply with the requirements of this Part shall be reimbursable and shall be considered a specialized service eligible for a waiver of the maximum allowable payment for emergency services as authorized pursuant to the Public Health Law. Hospitals will be reimbursed based upon budget and cost data until the first full year of expenditures is experienced.

(b) Regional poison control centers requesting additional reimbursement for the operation of such centers shall submit rate appeals and supporting documentation in accordance with the provisions of Part 86 of this Chapter.

(c) The reasonable and necessary costs of the following items related directly to operation of the poison control center shall be considered by the commissioner to be reimbursable: personnel, computer and data services, telephone services, travel, printing and publication, audio-visual aids, outreach activities, plant and overhead, toxicology testing, supplies and equipment, contractual services.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)