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Title: Section 69-2.3 - Responsibilities of the chief executive officer

Effective Date


69-2.3 Responsibilities of the chief executive officer. The chief executive officer shall ensure that (a) a satisfactory specimen is submitted to an approved laboratory for each infant born in the responsible institution;

(b) specimens shall be taken from the cord immediately after birth, or if a specimen is taken from the mother, the specimen shall be taken upon entry to the responsible institution for the purpose of delivery. Body blood taken from the infant in response to a positive syphilis serology in the mother must be drawn and submitted for testing within 24 hours of receipt of the mother's test result; and

(c) the date and time of cord blood or body blood collection and the test results of such specimens shall be recorded in the infant's permanent health record. The same information for the mother's blood shall be entered in the mother's permanent health record. Bloods submitted for testing must be marked clearly as cord, newborn, or mother/delivery in order to facilitate reporting to the local health unit within 24 hours of receipt of test results.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)