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Title: Section 69-2.5 - Duties of the responsible physician and birth attendant

Effective Date


69-2.5 Duties of the responsible physician and birth attendant. The responsible physician or birth attendant shall: (a) collect, label, submit specimens and assure that test results are recorded as specified in Sections 69-2.2, 69-2.3 (b) and 69-2.3(c) of this subpart unless the birth occurs in an institution in which the chief executive officer is responsible for these procedures under Section 69-2.3;

(b) report all positive test results from cord, newborn or mother's blood, in accordance with Sections 2.10 and 2.12 of this Title, to the local health unit within 24 hours of receiving the report from the approved laboratory;

(c) ascertain that both mother and infant are treated in accordance with appropriate therapy and that follow-up treatment is arranged, if syphilis is confirmed; and

(d) work in cooperation with designated public health investigators to assure that diagnosis, therapy, and any necessary follow-up testing meet current standards of care.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)