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Title: Section 69-3.3 - Responsibilities of health care facilities

Effective Date


69-3.3 Responsibilities of health care facilities.

(a) The health care facility shall assure that the HBsAg test result for every woman admitted for delivery is recorded in the newborn child's medical record.

(b) When a woman who has not been tested for HBsAg during pregnancy is admitted for delivery or if a woman's HBsAg test result is not available at the time of admission for delivery, the health care facility shall:

(1) submit immediately a satisfactory blood specimen from such a woman to a clinical laboratory that will test it for HBsAg and make the test result available within twenty-four hours of admission, or as soon thereafter as practicable, but in no event longer than forty-eight hours of admission. Blood specimens submitted for testing must be marked clearly as "mother/delivery" in order to facilitate reporting of test results; and

(2) record the date and time of the blood collection and the HBsAg test results of such specimens in the medical records of the woman and her newborn child or children.

(c) Report the HBsAg test results for all women with newborn children to the State Department of Health on the Newborn Screening Blood Collection Form and report all positive HBsAg test results for women with newborn children within twenty-four hours of receipt to the local health officer in accordance with Section 2.10 of this Title.

(d) Respond to inquiries from the local health officer to provide pertinent information from the medical records of pregnant women with positive HBsAg test results and their newborn children regarding diagnosis and therapy of hepatitis B provided within the health care facility.

(e) In the case of the inter-facility transfer of a newborn child, the transferring facility shall provide written notification to accompany the child to the receiving hospital indicating:

(1) the HBsAg test result for the child's mother, or

(2) that the HBsAg test result is pending, in which case the test result should be transmitted when it becomes available immediately by telephone and in writing to the receiving hospital, or

(3) that the HBsAg test result is unknown and a blood sample has not been submitted for testing, in which case this testing shall be the responsibility of the facility where the child's mother is located or of her health care provider if she is not within a health care facility.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)