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Title: Section 69-3.8 - Responsibilities of the local health officer

Effective Date


69-3.8 Responsibilities of the local health officer.

(a) If the parent or legal guardian of a child requiring hepatitis B immunization pursuant to this Subpart is unable to pay for the services of a private physician or other authorized practitioner to administer the follow-up doses of hepatitis B vaccine, such person shall present such child to the health officer of the county in which the child resides, who shall then administer the follow-up hepatitis B vaccine without charge.

(b) The local health officer shall make a report within 30 days of initiation of follow-up and within 30 days of the completion of follow-up to the Commissioner of Health for each newborn child of a HBsAg-positive woman. Such report shall include verification of the woman's HBsAg test result and details of the child's followup care.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)