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Title: Section 69-4.18 - Respite services

Effective Date


69-4.18 Respite services.

(a) As appropriate, respite services and models for respite services may be discussed with the parent at the individualized family service plan meeting

(b) The provision of respite services for an eligible child and family shall be determined in the context of IFSP development, based on the individual needs of the child and family, and with consideration given to the following criteria:

(1) severity of child's disability and needs;

(2) potential risk of out-of-home placement for the child if respite services are not provided;

(3) lack of access to informal support systems (e.g., extended family, supportive friends, community supports, etc.);

(4) lack of access to other sources of respite (e.g., Family Support Services under the auspices of the Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities and respite provided through other State early intervention service agencies), due to barriers such as waiting lists, remote/inaccessible location of services, etc.

(5) presence of factors known to increase family stress (e.g., family size, presence of another child or family member with a disability, etc.); and,

(6) the perceived and expressed level of need for respite services by parent.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)