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Title: Section 69-4.19 - Transportation

Effective Date


69-4.19 Transportation.

(a) The municipality shall ensure that transportation is available beginning the first day of service as agreed upon in the individualized family service plan when transportation is necessary to enable the child and the child's family to receive early intervention services.

(1) Transportation may be provided directly, by contract, or through reimbursement of the parent at a mileage rate authorized by the municipality for the use of a private vehicle or for other reasonable transportation costs, including public transportation, tolls, and parking fees.

(b) In developing the IFSP, consideration shall first be given to provision of transportation by a parent of a child to early intervention services.

(c) If the parent has demonstrated an inability to provide or access transportation, the municipality in which an eligible child resides shall arrange and provide payment for suitable transportation services necessary for the child and parent participation in early intervention services contained within the Individualized Family Service Plan.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)