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Title: Section 69-5.5 - Granting of approval

Effective Date


69-5.5 Granting of approval.

(a) Within forty-five (45) days of receipt of a complete application, the department shall issue to each rape crisis program that meets the requirements of this Subpart, approval to certify its rape crisis counselors for the confidentiality privilege.

(b) Approval obtained pursuant to subdivision (a) of this section shall continue for three years from the date of notification by the commissioner of approval of the application submitted by the rape crisis program until receipt by the organization of written notice, from the commissioner, terminating approval of the program, whichever occurs first. The commissioner may extend approval of the program for additional three-year periods if the organization has complied with all requirements of this sections during the prior period of approval.

(c) If a program submits an application that does not meet the requirements of this Subpart, the department will provide the applicant with written comments regarding the required modifications needed to obtain approval.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)