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Title: Section 7-1.11 - Food service

Effective Date


7-1.11 Food service.

(a) A plan for new or modified food service facilities shall be submitted to the permit-issuing official at least 60 days prior to beginning construction. All kitchens, dining areas and food service equipment associated with the service of food to the public, including occupants of the temporary residence, shall be approved by the permit-issuing official and constructed, maintained and operated so as to comply with applicable provisions of Part 14 of this Title.

(b) When food or food utensils are provided within an occupancy unit, the dishes and utensils shall be single service or adequately washed, rinsed and sanitized and shall be handled and stored in a sanitary manner.

(c) Clean and adequately sanitized drinking glasses or single service cups shall be supplied for use in each individual guest room.

(d) Food service(s) operated by a vendor other than the temporary residence operator shall require a separate permit to operate in accordance with Part 14 of this Title.


VOLUME A (Title 10)