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Title: Section 7-2.10 - Transportation

Effective Date


7-2.10 Transportation.

(a) Passengers shall only be transported in portions of vehicles that are designed for passenger occupancy. Transportation in the bed of a truck or trailer shall be prohibited.

(b) There shall be at least one counselor in any vehicle transporting children, who may also be the driver.

(c) Every vehicle used for transporting staff or campers shall have required registration and inspection stickers and be equipped with at least a first-aid kit, tools, fire extinguisher and flares or reflective triangles that are labeled with the Federal DOT symbol or a statement that the device complies with all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

(d) The driver of any camp vehicle shall be at least 18 years old and possess a current driver's license.

(e) Seat belts shall be utilized by all passengers in vehicles so equipped.

(f) Occupancy of a vehicle shall be limited to its rated capacity.


VOLUME A (Title 10)