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Title: Section 7-2.12 - Building construction

Effective Date


7-2.12 Building construction.

(a) Notice of construction, modification or conversion required. No person shall modify, develop or convert a property for use as a children's camp without first notifying the permit-issuing official at least 60 days before construction commences. The notices shall give the name and location of the property, a brief description of the facilities to be provided and the name, telephone number and mailing address of the person giving notice. The notice shall be supplemented by additional information, including plans or sketches as requested by the permit-issuing official. Construction shall not start prior to the required approval of the plans or sketches by the permit-issuing official and other appropriate regulatory official.

(b) Requirement for new construction.

(1) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (2) of this subdivision, all new construction, including alterations, enlargements and improvements, shall be in accordance with the Uniform Code and the provisions of the State Environmental Quality Review Act. The building permit and certificate of occupancy as issued by the local code enforcement official should be readily available for review and submission to the permit-issuing official. A written statement signed by a registered architect or professional engineer certifying construction compliance with the Uniform Code shall be submitted to the permit-issuing official prior to occupancy of all new construction. For a summer camp cabin (as that term is defined in paragraph (3) of this subdivision), the written certification of compliance to be submitted to the permit-issuing official shall certify compliance with all applicable Uniform Code requirements other than the automatic sprinkler system requirements specified in subparagraph (i) of paragraph (2) of this subdivision.

(2) A summer camp cabin (as that term is defined in paragraph (3) of this subdivision) shall be exempt from the following Uniform Code requirements:

(i) the automatic sprinkler system requirements, and

(ii) the minimum floor area per occupant requirements

(3) For the purposes of this subdivision, the term "summer camp cabin" shall mean a sleeping quarter which:

(i) is located in a children's overnight camp;

(ii) has a sleeping capacity of fewer than twenty-five occupants with a total combined sleeping room floor area of 1200 square feet or less for all sleeping rooms;

(iii) is one story;

(iv) is used and occupied only between June 1 and September 14;

(v) has no cooking facilities, no heating systems, and no solid fuel heating or burning systems;

(vi) has only sleeping rooms (including the necessary area for storing occupant belongings) and bathrooms;

(vii) has no interior corridors or separate common area rooms;

(viii) has at least two exits per sleeping room which are remote from each other and which discharge directly to the building's exterior;

(ix) has exit doors that open in the direction of, and are non-locking against egress; and

(x) has smoke alarms in each sleeping room that are interconnected such that the activation of one alarm will activate all of the alarms in the cabin.  An existing structure that is altered, enlarged or otherwise improved shall not be deemed to be a summer camp cabin (and shall not be subject to the exceptions set forth in paragraph (2) of this subdivision) unless such structure, as so altered, enlarged or otherwise improved, satisfies all of the criteria set forth in this paragraph.


VOLUME A (Title 10)