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Title: Section 7-2.16 - Sleeping quarters

Effective Date


7-2.16 Sleeping quarters.

(a) Every bed, mattress, and related sleeping accessories provided by the operator, shall be clean and in good condition at the time of issue; clean sheets and pillowcases shall be provided weekly. Laundry facilities shall be available when campers and staff provide their own linens.

(b) A minimum clear space of 27 inches above the sleeping surface of a bed, and six feet between heads of sleepers, shall be maintained; triple-decker beds are prohibited. Unobstructed space for aisles between beds and access to exits must be provided. Bunk beds shall be structurally sound. The upper bed of bunk beds must, by May 15, 2005, be provided with adequate guardrails.

(c) In sleeping quarters housing more than four persons, 40 square feet of floor area per occupant shall be provided when single beds are provided. When double-deck bunk beds are provided, 30 square feet of floor area shall be provided for each occupant. Floor area includes space within the occupied structure to accommodate: the bed, storage for personal belongings, aisles and exitways, and associated assembly space. Space for toilets, lavatories and showers shall not be used to calculate a sleeping quarter's floor area. For structures built prior to 1975, the required minimum floor area for single beds is 36 square feet. Effective July 1, 2011, construction of sleeping quarters not meeting the definition of a summer camp cabin, as defined in section 7-2.12(b)(3) of this Subpart, 50 square feet of floor area per occupant shall be provided in each sleeping room.

(d) An undivided room shall not have more than 36 occupants.

(e) A sleeping room shall have a minimum clear height of five feet above the floor area, and at least 80 percent of the floor area shall have a continuous minimum clear height above it of seven feet. The walls shall extend from the floor to the ceiling or roof, or to a minimum height of eight feet.

(f) At least one adult counselor shall be present during sleeping hours on every level of a building used for sleeping.


VOLUME A (Title 10)