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Title: Section 7-3.2 - Application

Effective Date


7-3.2 Application
(a) The requirements of this Subpart shall apply to a campground where five or more campsites are occupied or maintained for occupancy except:
(1) those portions of a campground occupied by the owner(s) or operator(s) thereof, or their immediate family;
(2) a campground occupied for less than sixty (60) hours in any calendar year.
(b) The requirements of this Subpart shall not apply to:
(1) a children’s camp as defined in Subpart 7-2, of Part 7 of this Title, migrant farm worker housing as defined in Part 15 of this Title, or a mobile home park as defined in Part 17 of this Title; and
(2) any other type of operation, occupancy or use of a property determined by the State Commissioner of Health as not being within the intent of regulation by this Subpart.
(c) The requirements in this Subpart supercede the provisions in Subpart 7-1 for travel vehicle parks and campsite operators.


VOLUME A (Title 10)