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Title: Section 7-3.3 - Permit for operation, inspections, access

Effective Date


7-3.3 Permit for operation, inspections, access
(a) Application for permit. Application for a permit shall be made by the operator to the permit-issuing official at least 30 days before operation or the expiration of an existing permit or a change in name, owner or operator.
(b) An application for a permit may be denied when the applicant has exhibited a history of non-compliance with the requirements of this Subpart or Subpart 7-1; the campground is found to be a potential source of danger to the general public health and safety or the health and safety of the occupants of the campground; or the campground does not comply with the requirements of this Subpart.
(c) A permit for a campground shall be issued for a period of not more than three years from the date of issue. A permit shall not be transferable or assignable and shall expire upon a change of the operator of the campground or upon the date specified by the permit-issuing official.
(d) Revocation, suspension. A permit may be revoked or suspended by the permit-issuing official or the State Commissioner of Health if the campground for which the permit was issued is found to have been maintained, operated or occupied in violation of the Public Health Law, or this chapter or the sanitary code of the health department in which the campground is located or upon abandonment of the operation. Before suspension, or revocation of a permit, the permittee shall be given the opportunity to be heard by the permit-issuing official or his designated officer to contest the revocation or suspension of the permit to operate. A permit may be surrendered by a permittee.
(e) The permit-issuing official or representative shall be allowed entry at any time for the purposes of inspection to any property operated as a campground as defined by this Subpart.
(f) A separate permit to operate a temporary residence shall not be required for structures which are available for overnight transient occupancy, and which do not meet the definition of a camping unit.
(g) A permit issued for the operation of a campground shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the premises.


VOLUME A (Title 10)