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Title: Section 7-3.4 - Operator responsibilities and reporting requirements

Effective Date


7-3.4 Operator responsibilities and reporting requirements
(a) The operator of a campground shall provide an individual to be in charge of the property and to maintain the facilities as required by this Subpart and who shall be on or available to the property at all times when the property is occupied or open for occupancy. A telephone number or other method for summoning the individual in charge shall be posted in an area readily accessible to the campground occupants.
(b) The operator shall report the following to the permit-issuing official within 24 hours of occurrence:
(1) Injury or illness occurring at a swimming pool or bathing beach as required by section 6-1.7 and/or 6-2.7 of Subparts 6-1 or 6-2 of Part 6 of this Chapter.
(2) A condition suspected of affecting the quantity or quality of the on-site potable water supply or constituting a public health hazard as specified by section 5-1.1(ar) of Subpart 5-1 of Part 5 of this Chapter.
(3) Illness suspected of being food-borne due to consumption of food from a food service establishment in the campground as required by section 14-1.200 of Subpart 14-1 of Part 14 of this Chapter.


VOLUME A (Title 10)