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Title: Section 7-4.3 - Miscellaneous: duties of an operator

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7-4.3 Miscellaneous: duties of an operator

(a) The operator shall not knowingly employ or allow anyone to work at a mass gathering who would pose a significant risk of disease to the public.

(b) Children under 16 years of age not accompanied by an adult at a mass gathering shall be provided with adequate and competent adult supervision exercised by a supervisor or supervisors present on the property.

(c) Satisfactory arrangements shall be made to assure adequate medical and nursing supervision and care at, or readily available to, the mass gathering.

(d) A person to whom a permit to promote or hold a mass gathering has been issued shall employ or designate an individual, who is acceptable to the permit-issuing official to be in charge of the property to maintain the facilities, and who shall be on or available to the property at all times when the property is occupied or open for occupancy, who is capable of providing an adequate response to all matters affecting the life, safety and health of the occupants.

(e) A person to whom any permit is issued shall comply with the provisions of this Subpart and with all conditions stated in the permit and shall allow the permit-issuing official or his representative to enter the premises at any reasonable time to ascertain compliance with the conditions of the permit and with this Subpart.

(f) The site shall be provided with a network of interior roads to be kept clear at all times for service and emergency vehicles, and shall be serviced by access roads which will permit an adequate flow of traffic and ensure the free passage of emergency vehicles.

(g) Each person attending the mass gathering shall be provided with a site map showing the location of all facilities, and adequate signs shall be provided locating all facilities.

(h) A separate overnight camping area or areas shall be provided.

(i) Adequate light for toilet areas, service areas and walkways shall be provided.

(j) A maintenance and internal security staff acceptable to the permit-issuing official shall be provided to assure proper operation of all facilities.

(k) Traffic control measures that will preclude hazards to vehicular and pedestrian traffic shall be implemented.

(l) The operator of a mass gathering shall make arrangements such that no flammable or volatile liquids or materials are stored in or adjacent to the area of the gathering, and that adequate fire fighting equipment is available to protect the life and health of the people attending the gathering.

(m) The operator shall provide the services and facilities outlined in the engineering report and approved by the permit-issuing official.

(n) The operator shall provide such emergency health-care services and facilities as may be required under applicable provisions of sections 18.3 and 18.4 of Part 18 of this Title.


VOLUME A (Title 10)