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Title: Section 7-5.13 - Sewage treatment/collection

Effective Date


7-5.13 Sewage treatment/collection.

An agricultural fairground owner shall provide and maintain facilities for the adequate disposal or adequate treatment and disposal of sewage at an agricultural fairground, and ensure that such facilities meet the following requirements:

(a) Submission of plans. A plan for a proposed new or modified sewage collection and/or treatment facility shall be submitted to the permit-issuing official at least 30 days prior to beginning construction of such facility.

(b) Plan approval and construction. A permit or written approval for the sewage collection and/or treatment system plan(s) shall be obtained from the permit-issuing official and/or the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. No construction of a new or modified sewage treatment facility shall be commenced until all required permits and/or written approvals have been received by the applicant. Construction shall be in accordance with the approved plans.

(c) The presence of inadequately treated sewage on the surface of the ground is prohibited.

(d) Privies and portable chemical toilets shall be so located, constructed and maintained that they will not contaminate a water supply, surface water, adjacent ground surface, or permit access of flies or rodents. The contents shall be emptied and/or adequately treated as necessary to prevent discharge to the surface of the ground or to any area readily accessible to patrons.

(e) At least one sanitary dumping station for each 100 campsites or less, or an acceptable operator-run scavenger service for routine collection of sewage from recreational vehicles must be provided. Information regarding the scavenger equipment and collection schedule shall be submitted to the permit-issuing official for review and approval. Sites with individual sewer connections shall not be counted when determining the required number of sanitary dumping stations. Sanitary dump stations shall not be required at campgrounds for tent use only.


VOLUME A (Title 10)