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Title: Section 7-5.4 - Owner responsibilities and reporting requirements

Effective Date


7-5.4 Owner responsibilities and reporting requirements.

(a) Each owner of an agricultural fairground must submit a report assessing all water sources at their respective fairgrounds. This report shall be prepared by a New York State licensed professional engineer, and must be submitted to the permit-issuing official at least 60 days before any event. This report is not required if the owner of the agricultural fairground can demonstrate that other documentation has been submitted to the permit-issuing official that adequately addresses the required components of the report, as specified in this Section. This report shall address all drinking water sources for agricultural fairgrounds served by a non-public fairground water system and address all on-site water sources for those served by an off-site public water system. It shall include a sanitary survey and historical data and information on source development and quality; distribution system operations, including an assessment of actual and possible cross-connections; wastewater disposal; and solid and animal waste storage, handling and disposal practices, and certifying that any non-potable water supply is adequately separated from the potable water supply and conspicuously labeled as a non-potable water supply. Such report shall identify the location of all on-site structures and buildings, sources of on-site water (potable or non-potable), water distribution systems, wastewater treatment facilities, and solid and animal waste storage and handling facilities, and shall adequately characterize the hydrogeology of the fairground. Such report shall also evaluate the fairground infrastructure’s compliance with this Subpart and identify each aspect on noncompliance and preferred options for compliance.

(b) The owner of an agricultural fairground shall designate an individual to be in charge of the fairground property and to maintain the fairground facilities. Such individual shall be on or available to promptly be on the fairground property at all times when the agricultural fairground is occupied or open for occupancy. The telephone number or other method for summoning this individual shall be posted conspicuously in an area readily accessible by the agricultural fairground occupants.

(1) The agricultural fairground owner or the owner’s designee shall successfully complete an adequate course of instruction with a curriculum including, but not limited to, the operation and/or oversight of agricultural fairground water supplies, sewage disposal, animal waste handling, and food service establishments.

(c) The agricultural fairground owner shall be responsible for operation and maintenance of the fairground infrastructure, including the water supply, sewage disposal, animal waste, toilet and handwashing facilities, in accordance with the requirements of this Subpart.

(d) The agricultural fairground owner must provide a written schedule and description of events for each calendar year to the permit-issuing official at least 30 days prior to the first scheduled event for the year. The schedule may be revised as necessary and the permit-issuing official shall be notified prior to any additional or rescheduled events.

(e) The agricultural fairground owner must require that all food service, campground or temporary residence facilities not operated by the agricultural fairground owner possess a valid permit as required by this Title.

(f) The agricultural fairground owner shall report the following to the permit-issuing official as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours from the date of the occurrence or date the operator should reasonably have known of the occurrence.

(1) any public health hazard specified in section 7-5.5(b) of this Subpart or any illness suspected to be associated with such hazard; or

(2) any illness suspected to have resulted from consumption of food from a food service

establishment at the agricultural fairground.


VOLUME A (Title 10)