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Title: Section 7-5.8 - Campgrounds and campsites

Effective Date


7-5.8 Campgrounds and campsites.

(a) Campsite space requirements. A campsite shall meet the space requirements specified in either paragraph 1, 2, or 3 below as applicable. An agricultural fairground owner may select one or more of these options when establishing campsite sizes within the agricultural fairground.

(1) The minimum area per site for campsites that existed prior to March 7, 2001 shall be either: 1,500 square feet; or, in compliance with paragraph (2) or (3) of this section.

(2) New campsites constructed and existing campsites modified after March 7, 2001 shall be a minimum of 1,250 square feet. These campsites shall be large enough to allow at least a five foot clearance between the boundaries of the campsite and the exterior surfaces of the camping unit placed on it as well as any add-on structures or appurtenances attached to it, so as to provide for a 10 foot separation distance between camping units on adjacent campsites.

(3) The minimum area per site may be less than the requirements specified in 7-5.8(a)(1) and (2) when:

(i) a separation distance of 10 feet or greater is maintained between camping units including any add-on structures or appurtenances attached to the camping unit; or

(ii) a separation distance of at least 5 feet is maintained between camping units including any add-on structures or appurtenances attached to the camping units; and

(a) Charcoal grills, gas grills or other open flame cooking devices cannot be used within 10 feet of any camping unit.

(b) Bonfires or recreational fires are prohibited on campsites. Such fires cannot be conducted within 25 feet of any camping unit.

(c) Adequate fire extinguishers or other extinguishing equipment shall be readily available to all camping areas. Fire extinguishers, where used, shall be installed and maintained in accordance with the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer and generally accepted standards.

(d) Fire apparatus access roads shall be provided within 300 feet of each camping unit and shall have an unobstructed width of no less than 20 feet and an unobstructed vertical clearance of not less than 13 feet 6 inches.

(b) Electrical.

(1) Installation of electrical service, wiring, and fixtures shall conform to the Uniform Code. A certificate of approval provided by a qualified electrical inspector shall be submitted for all new electrical work.

(2) The electrical service, wiring and fixtures shall be in good repair and safe condition. Where conditions indicate a need for inspection, the electrical service and wiring shall be inspected by a qualified electrical inspector, and a copy of the inspection report and certificate of approval shall be submitted to the permit-issuing official.


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