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Title: Section 70-2.1 - Waste management plan

Effective Date


70-2.1 Waste management plan. Each facility shall develop, document and implement policies and procedures specific to the management of regulated medical waste generated on-site and/or treated at the facility. Such policies and procedures shall minimally include, but not be limited to: a description of the types, and method(s) for treatment and disposal, of regulated medical waste; procedures for safe handling and transport of the waste within the facility from the point of generation or intake to the point of storage and/or treatment; a description of storage areas, including, as applicable, patient care areas, which details the location, ventilation and capacity of each storage area, and the length of time waste is to be retained in each area; and the titles and contact information for persons responsible for monitoring compliance. Facilities that treat regulated medical waste on-site shall include in their regulated medical waste management plan an operation plan for each treatment system employed.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)