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Title: Section 702.1 - Engineering and maintenance

Section 702.1 Engineering and maintenance. (a) Water supplies of medical facilities shall be operated in conformance with the following requirements:

(1) all water used in operation shall be provided from a public water supply or from an alternate source, in either event, as approved by the department;

(2) no changes shall be made in the source or treatment of the water supply without approval of the department;

(3) water shall be adequate in volume and pressure for all medical purposes;

(4) the water system shall not be operated with physical connections to other piping systems or connections to fixtures that may permit contamination of the water supply;

(5) the water system shall be operated with a hot water system adequate for all medical purposes; and

(6) the hot water supply shall be regulated by thermostatic or other control devices which shall be either locked or located in places not accessible to patients or the general public so that the hot water used by patients and by the public is maintained at an even temperature which cannot cause personal injury.

(b) Waste systems shall be operated so that all sewage and other liquid wastes are disposed of by connection to a public sewer system or by an alternate method, in either event, as approved by the department.

(c) Plumbing and plumbing fixtures shall be properly maintained.

(d) Ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and air changing systems shall:

(1) be maintained in good repair and shall be operated in a manner which will prevent the spread of infection and provide for patient or resident health and comfort;

(2) be maintained and operated in such manner that air shall not be circulated from operating rooms, patient isolation rooms, laboratories in which work is done in pathology, virology, or bacteriology, autopsy rooms, kitchen and dishwashing areas, toilet and bathrooms, janitors' closets, and soiled linen rooms to any other part of the facility;

(3) be provided, as needed, with acceptable air filtration equipment that is cleaned and serviced at adequate intervals; and

(4) assure that the relative humidity is maintained at a minimum of 50 percent in those areas where conductive floors are required.

(e) Grounds and buildings shall be maintained:

(1) in a clean condition free of safety hazards;

(2) in such manner as will prevent standing water, flooding or leakage; and

(3) free of excessive noise, odors, pollens, dusts, or other environmental pollutants and such nuisances as may adversely affect the health or welfare of patients or residents.


VOLUME D (Title 10)