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Title: Section 702.2 - Housekeeping

702.2 Housekeeping. (a) The entire facility, including but not limited to the floors, walls, windows, doors, ceilings, fixtures, equipment, and furnishings, shall be maintained in good repair, clean and free of insects, rodents and trash.

(b) Responsibility for direct supervision of housekeeping service shall be assigned to one person, properly qualified by training and experience.

(c) Dusting, mopping and vacuum cleaning shall be done in a manner which will not spread dust or other particulate matter.

(d) Adequate supplies and equipment for housekeeping functions shall be provided with cleaning compounds and hazardous substances properly labeled and stored.

(e) Solid wastes, including garbage, rubbish and other refuse, biological wastes and infectious materials, shall be collected, stored and disposed of in a manner that will prevent the transmission of disease and not create a nuisance or fire hazard, nor provide a breeding place for insects or rodents; dressings, surgical, biological and obstetrical wastes, infectious materials and disposable syringes and needles shall be destroyed on the premises by incineration, or as approved by the department.


VOLUME D (Title 10)